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Senior Session Secrets!

February 14, 2019

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Okay Seniors! Let’s talk real talk…..Nowadays it’s all about having awesome stand out photos of yourself! So  it’s more important than ever to know what to expect for your Senior Session with your Photographer! It’s not just about the outfit selection or hair and makeup! There’s a few other factors to consider…so read on!

  1. Location: You’ll want to work with your photographer to pick a location that meets your vibe, style and compliments your wardrobe! Also you want one that you feel comfortable getting photographed at. So if you’re more private then I wouldn’t suggest a crowded public place where you’re more likely to draw attention.
  2. Props: Don’t be afraid to incorporate props and accessories that show off your personality and make sense for your pictures! Also, be sure to bring things that compliment your outfits or showcase what you’re most known for. For example…if you play football then bring your Letterman’s jacket and football for a few snaps to remember these great playing days.  Or if you cheerlead…maybe your pom poms and cheer outfit. Normally seniors bring 2-4 outfits for a variety of shots.  Just make sure you plan for enough camera time and prioritize your favorite looks.
  3. Get Help: I always recommend professional beauty assistance such as hair and makeup. I mean who doesn’t love to get pampered? Plus you don’t want to be stressing the day of your shoot trying to put together your whole look on your own especially if you’re not great at doing it in the first place. A little help goes a long way! But be sure not to over do it. If you’re not one who wears a ton of makeup then don’t have your stylist pile it on! Neutral lip and fresh face is best! If you have a harder time loosening up for pictures, then it may be good to bring along a friend or family member. Having someone who knows you really well will help to get you to come out of your shell! Besides it doesn’t hurt to get extra help to carry your outfits and assist with changing/primping.
  4. Get a Full Night’s sleep so you look well rested. Don’t stay up late the night before or plan your session right after a major event. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and avoid too much caffeine and sugars 1.5 weeks prior to avoid sleep disruption or skin breakouts!
  5. Avoid New! Don’t plan on trying out a new hair cut you’ll only regret at your session, new skin cream/wash that can irritate your skin or even new activity that can lead to sudden injury and set back.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to be on point for your session! If you’re looking to book a Senior Session with me please visit my online booking tab from my website 

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