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Let’s Be Candid!

February 26, 2019

I would like to start off by saying Candid Photography is not for everyone! So if your preference is to stand still and smile pretty at the camera…then a candid approach may not be for you. To be candid (yes pun intended!) it takes the right type of client to be comfortable enough in front of the camera to let go and be themselves. That doesn’t mean you always need to know what to do. Because it also takes the right type of Photographer to run a candid shoot! One who will know how to gently guide you into fun interactive emotive actions that will look natural and authentic.

Something I love to do with my clients before I approach a candid shoot is send them my Pre-Session Questionnaire. This helps me to get know a little bit about each person’s interests, hobbies, personality and comfort level. This also helps me determine a location that will really reflect the family’s style and vibe.  And sometimes I even play their favorite music during their shoot to get everyone loosening up and less nervous. Being able to engage in conversation about their interests helps to create connection and relatability rather than feeling like total strangers…even though we kinda are!

Meet the Nguyens! The have two adorable kiddos: a daughter 6 and a son 4. They love the outdoors, spending time together and traveling to nearby gettaways like San Diego! The mom loves planting exotic fruit trees and cooking while the dad enjoys camping. Because they love spending time outdoors it felt only fitting to shoot them outdoors! Since the mom said she loves planting fruit trees…this local open field that has a ton of citrus trees in bloom came to mind!

Candid photography is very personal and unique to the client I’m shooting! I don’t go into the shoot with ideas of how I”m going to pose them or try to achieve Pinterest replications from other families. Instead I approach it organically. I’m trained to look for moments and connection between the family and that’s what I focus on capturing! Parents love it because they’re not having to bribe their kids into posing or cooperating. In fact it’s the exact opposite! Kiddos are encouraged to run around, act silly and be wild. The adults love it too..because I always come with a few fun questions to get them interacting and connecting naturally. Check out a few of the snaps I took of the Nguyens below! What’s your favorite image from these 10? Leave me a comment below!

If you’re interested in trying  a candid family session with me please make sure to visit my website!

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Candid Family Session in Idaho

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