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New Year, New You!

January 10, 2019

I always love the start of a new year! With it brings another 365 days to do some pretty amazing things with your life! For some it’s all about purging; letting go, clearing out, getting rid of things and people that no longer serve them. For others it’s chasing their goals, dreams and taking hold of new opportunities. A new year marks a chance for a new YOU!

So with that idea of a fresh and new you, you’re going to need some updated pics for all your personal and business platforms! Nothing is worse than a dated profile pic on your website that no longer looks like you! Hair styles change, clothing trends change…hey-even photography styles change! So be sure to keep it current and schedule a short Headshot session for pics you can feel proud to share of you today.

In this session with these two Real Estate Gals, we were lucky to use one of their mega million listings that sit on top of a hill in the Strand of Dana Point. When doing these types of sessions indoors I always recommend morning hours to make sure we have quality lighting. Also because morning natural light always leaves you looking, well…. soft and natural. I  like to steer clear of crossed arms in headshots, which typically scream you’re closed off and possibly hiding something. I like to include a few interactive shots to show what you do aside from just being another pretty face. Plus it’s always important to show a little of your personality! In Pics for your business you want to show you’re inviting, friendly and that you can stand out from the crowd!

Headshot Session with Real Estate Partners at their Listing in Idaho

During a Headshot session with me you can plan to spend 40 min in front of the camera. I encourage bringing any props that translate for your business (like laptops, eye glasses, books or other business related accessories or better yet even a business partner or friend for interactive shots) Wardrobe wise you’ll want to bring a change of clothes for a different look and make sure to add pops of color in your accessories. Avoid colors that wash you out (if you’re really fair all white may not be your best choice) and ladies keep makeup to a minimal. Neutral eye and lip is best for business headshots! Stay away from red or darker lip stains that can overpower your look and make you look over done. Avoid graphic shirts or logos, clothing waist down as well as shoes do matter (as I usually take some full body shots).

If you’re in need of updated photos be sure to check out my Investment Page for pricing info and enjoy the quick convenience of Booking Online!

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