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The Blade’s Urban Session

December 5, 2018

I love shooting at locations that can offer a variety of looks. Like this one shown here with its small historic homes turned into quaint coffee houses and restaurants aligning the local train depot…it offers a variety of  different looks and darling niches for photos. From gorgeous succulents, to cute benches, train station with caboose, and different doors, gates and backdrops, I can stand confident there’s always something that will appeal to every client. It’s no wonder why it makes for one of the more popular photography locations!

I loved how the Blades came dressed for their holiday mini session (so much that I may have to use their pics on another Blog Post when it comes to discussing What to Wear)! Their coordinating outfits and bright pops of color really brought their photos to life! And you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you these were taken on the same night as PROM, right?! Yes, everyone going to PROM in south Orange County was probably there that night taking candid snaps and gathering about. There were a few times I had to ask to use a space for the Blades..but everyone was super kind and accommodating. Parking is fairly easy with an underground garage right off Verdugo Street next to the train depot. Then of course bathrooms are plenty and places to grab a hearty meal or snack after your session can make for an even better photo session experience.

That same weekend I photographed the Blades session,  one of my dear college friend’s family session was also scheduled at this location. This was going to be the 4th time I shot them for pictures so I wanted to make sure we chose somewhere that looked different and unique from previous years. When I shoot at the same location I always strive to use different areas so everyone’s pictures aren’t looking the same. I also look  for elements in the environment that will compliment their wardrobe and overall vibe!

So instead of focusing on backdrops that included succulents and greenery (which complimented the Blades attire) I chose to use the red caboose and train depot area in and around for the Bouleys! It was also fun getting to incorporate their pet Labardoodle Dusty in their pics this time. Although the busier locations tend to be a bit distracting for pets, we still managed to get some cute ones of him cooperating!

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