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When You Just “Click”!

December 11, 2018

I can always tell right off the bat if I’m going to “click” with someone (yes-pun intended). It’s an intuitive gift passed down from my mom’s side of the family that has steered me right in life. Some personalities will get along better than others. But not every client has to become my BFF for me to provide my services and use my talents for their benefit. When I click with a client and we both love working together, it always makes for such a fun and enjoyable experience for both sides. And I always encourage everyone past or present client to really find the right fit for their family (and hey if it’s not me no worries…there are plenty other people in the world to go around). Trust me if we don’t click we’re both better off not working together. But if we do it only builds the relationship, the trust and inspiration allowing for some of the best images.

The great thing about using the same photographer year after year is (s)he will already have a better sense of your family’s personality, likes and dislikes.  Maybe your that family who wants more candid shots and doesn’t like to be posed. Nothing is worse paying for a session you walk away from feeling like all your images will be contrived and not feel like you. Or maybe your that family who wants more close ups vs shots with more background showing in them. All the more reason to find a photographer that will become your family’s go-to memory maker!

I’ve been in this business for 5  years now and I’m humbled by how many clients come back and use me year after year.  It truly is the biggest compliment…and I’m going to be honest…a real relief! Guess I’m doing something right-LOL! But seriously…there’s nothing more that pushes and inspires me to keep delivering outstanding images they’ll love and adore year after year. When you build relationships with people, you’re more likely to go out of your way to accommodate and service them. Whether it’s gifting them with additional products for their loyalty, accommodating their schedule even though it’s not really ideal for me, or giving them more camera time because they’re kids are melting but I want to make sure I get the shot for the mom! In ways, my clients become my family; People I come to care and pray for, keep in touch with on social media and get to be a part of their life story! Always an honor and something I’ll forever be grateful for.

Meet the Steinmans! This family has used me for the 3rd year in a row. They found me at the same preschool when my youngest was attending. They have two adorable sweet daughters who love to dance and actually attend the same dance studio as I do! These two remind me of my sister and I. The older one a little more reserved and the younger more silly and free spirited. So it’s super fun getting to watch their bond unfold through my lens. 

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