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Taking Your Session Inside Your Home

July 15, 2019

Not every session needs to be outdoors or done in a professional studio to be great! But there are some things to consider if you do decide to use your home. While every outdoor location isn’t treated equally {especially when it comes to lighting, space and beauty}….not every indoor location like your home is either. Like any location, there are pros and cons with tweaks that need to be made and not always ones your Photographer can control.


One of my favorite types of sessions are indoor family sessions. Being photographed at home is always more comfortable because well, you’re at home and have options you might otherwise not have when you’re on location. Availability to food/snacks for little ones, entertainment (like books, toys and tv) are great to give kiddos (or Dads) a break from shooting, moms can freshen up and real life can be captured! What better than to have pictures of you and your loved ones in your very own treasured environment?!

Less Stress/Less Prep:

With indoor family sessions there’s no doubt less stress! No where to rush off to or worry about traffic, parking and if the weather will cooperate. You’re at home and the Photographer will be coming to you! Also, no headaches over melt downs, full diapers or looking perfectly coifed…indoor sessions are more laid back and more natural. So forget about needing every hair in place or everyone’s shoes shining and clothing perfectly pressed! That’s not what this type of session is about. It’s less Portrait-y and way more Lifestyle! Because of the lack of worry -especially MOMs- you can relax way more and love your photos more because you look happier and more at ease!


Having an indoor family session there’s way more variety of shots I can accomplish…indoor shots with the family, outdoors of the kids playing, different rooms, different activities, different outfits and different lighting I can play around with. This is when you can let your kids show me around their room and you all can feel relaxed about them jumping on beds and not smiling for the photographer….”or else”! #nobribingneccessary

Newborn Lifestyle Session
Meet the Mancusos!

A few tips I would give if you’re interested in taking your next session indoors here in Idaho…are these:

  1. Determine what time of day (morning before 10:00, afternoon, or late afternoon) your home presents the best natural light! If you don’t have a lot of light or windows in your space do inform your Photographer so (s)he can be sure to bring an external speedlight to provide the light.
  2. Do declutter the spaces you want to use in your pictures! This essentially isn’t your Photographer’s responsibility. Session time is precious so make sure to accomplish this BEFORE she arrives so it doesn’t cut into your camera time. Your bottle of Tylenol, TV remote and nail file doesn’t need to be pictured. Make sure to clear the floors of laundry, toys and dog accessories. The assumption your Photographer can just ” Photoshop ” all the unwanted clutter out of your images may cost you more than you want to pay!
  3. Do provide a Shot List! If you’re hell bent on certain looks in a certain area of the house, then communicating that upfront with your Photographer will help her manage her time accordingly to achieve those for you. It’s easy to get side tracked at an indoor session. So the more clear you are with what you want, the more successful your session will be!
  4. Do consider your kiddos nap time! Yes-even if you’re at home. Better to get your shots done after nap time so they’re well rested and more likely to engage in different activities around the home for your Photographer to capture. So if you know your toddlers nap at 10:00am then don’t schedule your photo shoot for that time. Even if you think your home gets the best lighting at that time…better to have the Photographer to use a speedlight then to wake a sleeping child. Now for a newborn shoot it’s different! Sleepy babies are the best to photograph because they’re not trying to ” root ” on mom’s breast constantly causing them to turn their head away from the camera and into mom’s chest. They’re more easy to pose on bed tops or in their crib if they’re sleeping or sleepy.

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