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Personal Branding Session at The Mission San Juan

April 29, 2019

I think every small business, entrepreneur selling in the online space or influencer needs Personal Branding Photography (that includes me)! It’s definitely an investment because these sessions typically run more than a traditional headshot shoot. Because the images you’re using help to sell your products and services you are issued a commercial license to use the images as you wish and without the Photographer’s consent or credit. You also pretty much own the images so you’re at liberty to alter them as you wish or use them where ever you want. Whereas a Personal use license (which is what you get with family photography) only gives you permission to print the images for personal use (like sharing on social media with family and friends). If used on a website you will then be required to give photo credit to the Photographer so long as you have his/her permission.

Personal Branding Photography is a session completely customized to your needs and desired look. But it only works if  the client is already sure of their branding’s colors, overall message and target market. These three ingredients make all the difference when determining location, wardrobe and actions you’ll be captured taking. With all these elements in mind, you’ll successfully curate the images you need to accurately convey your products or services relevancy to attract the right clients and boost sales!

I talked in my previous post about issuing Client Questionnaires to get familiar with my family photography clients. Well I also issue one with my PBP clients. But the questions go into more detail about your business, branding and goals.

Meet Cynthia! Cynthia was a past PB (Personal Branding) client of mine, who was redoing her website and wanted some fresh photos of herself to match her current branding colors. She also needed a location that more reflected where she was moving to in Arizona. So we opted for the Mission San Juan Capistrano. It had the perfect vibe she was going for: old brick, mission bells, and heat resistant plants typical of where she was moving to Arizona to practice Nutrition.

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Personal Branding Photo Session w/Nutritionist Cynthia Hull

In customizing Cynthia’s session we discussed her different media needs, so I composed some of her shots to include empty space for adding text later as seen in these snapshots of her website pages.












This way her photos remain versatile. She can use them in a bunch of different ways;  Marketing brochures, business cards, website, and on her social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram!

Customizing your branding photos is like a movie preview if you will. Your story seen through a series of Clips (or in this case pics) to help potential clients determine if they want to see the whole movie: or pursue your products/services further. The more people understand who you are, what you have to offer, where  and how, the more likely they’ll want to use your services. You give clarity, you get clients!

To schedule a Personal Branding Consult with me, please visit my Branding Page OR call me at (949) 290-8201!

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