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What Out of Town Clients Can Expect at their Orange County Photo Session

February 13, 2019

Are you out of town and thinking about doing a photo session while you’re visiting the OC? Well then there are a few things to anticipate.

  1. Weather: Even though we enjoy sunny warm days most of the year, there are some months we’re showered with rain. Typically December-early March rain is often in the forecast. So be sure to check your photographer’s cancellation policy in case you decide not to get wet. Often times the photographer will reschedule you for a different date and time unless you’re out here temporarily and run out of time. Then you’ll want to make sure to have that discussion up front so you don’t lose any deposits or fees.
  2. Expect to pay for Toll Roads. Generally if you’re not a resident and don’t own a Fast Track transponder, then you will need to stop to pay for tolls on the toll road. Some rental car agencies will offer a pre paid daily fee so you won’t have to actually stop. But make sure to map out directions and fastest routes before your photo session so you’ll be sure to be prepared with exact change. Every toll exit varies in fee.
  3. Avoid beaches during Holidays, Surf Competitions and Weekends! Best to schedule your shoot an hour before sunset anyways when beach goers typically start to leave for home. But some like to stay and enjoy the amazing sunsets we get here. So ask your photographer which beaches are best for your session.
  4. Typical Attire: No… shorts, flip flops and baseball caps aren’t for everyone here in the OC. Just because most of us live near some sort of coast line doesn’t mean we dress for it 7 days a week 52 weeks out of the year. It’s more appropriate for Summer season. But for the most part we like to get dressed up and try on fashion. Depending on your session’s location ask your photographer what people typically wear there so y0u can get a sense of  style, vibe and overall mood.


Here’s a few snaps from this out of town mom daughter duo visiting from Texas!

Lifestyle Family Session

Calafia State Beach, San Clemente

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