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Meet The Hess Family!

December 11, 2018

I’ve known the mom of this family since our first borns were babies. Something we’ve always shared in common is we both have THREE boys! Cue the violin…sympathy and compassion is welcome! But really, I think most moms who have three boys were in some way hoping for a girl (I know I was). But what’s great about being an all boy mama is whenever I arrive to a session and there’s boys I immediately know how to connect with them. Most moms are already apologizing for their boys’ smart responses or misbehavior. But honestly I’m immune to “boy-crazy” so it never bothers me. It actually inspires some of the best candid shots! Nonetheless this mama’s boys are so well behaved and were such a treat to photograph! The thing I love about boys is their physical energy and courageous spirits. Especially during the grade school days. So it was only fitting that they chose the beach for their session. Such a perfect session environment for the kiddos to run around without offending the public, act crazy, do a few DABBs, jumps, runs and be loud! Can I get an Amen?! Often asking boys to pose and be still isn’t in their nature…and I’m all about capturing you for who you are; which is unique and uncontrived. Here’s a few images from the Hess’s Family Photo Session:

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Meet the Hess Family

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