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My Favorite Beach Location Does it Again!

December 8, 2018

I’ve probably done a dozen family sessions at Calafia Beach in San Clemente this Holiday Season (including my own)! The reason being is its one of those beaches that offers looks on or off the sand! Some families love the beach backdrop but maybe not want to endure the wet and sand. So it’s a nice option when you come here. Beautiful mountainsides that align the Surfliner train tracks (which if you’re lucky might be going by in time for your photographer to capture it) to gorgeous rock formations and fun lifeguard stands,  all which make for a variety of memorable family moments.

oc beach session

Calafia Beach Family Session with the Hamers


The other thing I love about this particular beach is its wide open and doesn’t crowd easily. Sure there are always beachgoers in the background but not so many that it makes it too cubersome to photoshop out! Parking is plenty (but metered so you’ll want to bring at least $6 to park an hour), there are bathrooms and an outdoor shower to rinse the sand off your little ones before you get back in the car. Best time to do ANY beach session in southern OC, is Fall and Winter when the sunsets are ahhh-mazing and set early, the tides are lower and it’s a bit cooler than on summer nights.


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