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Color really sets the mood!

December 6, 2018

I think anyone would agree that the colors you wear really set the mood of your shoot! Like in this family beach session with the Giles! I’ve known this family since the mom and I had our first borns. So getting to photograph them is always a huge honor and pleasure (besides I LOVE me some girls since I’m a all boy mama)A former photographer herself, this mom really knows how to style a session. So it came as no surprise when they showed up in this beautiful soft pastel color palette. I like to make mention of clothing on my Facebook Live tutorials and here on my blog because it’s probably one of the most common questions I get when booking a photo shoot-“what should we wear?”

Pastel Styled Beach Session

Softer colors always lend to a more airy and calming mood or feel in your images. These colors that tend to be more neutral, are also more classic and timeless. They may or may not include pale pinks, peach, cannery yellows, blues, whites, tans, violet, jade, light purple, and your grays. They’re easy to accessorize with gold and silver jewelry. As in the youngest daughter’s skirt’s belt. The gold really adds some luster and compliments her and her sisters’ blonde hair. With pastels they’re easy to blend with other colors and really look great on the beach or really anywhere if chosen right! They typically represent Spring or Summer Seasons…which are really the only two seasons that live here in Southern California (climate wise anyways-LOL)!

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