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The Pengs’ Textured Beach Session

November 7, 2018

Texture is super important in photography when wanting to create a more 3D look. It gives an image dimension and can create an element of interest. But texture entirely depends on the way the light is hitting the textured surface! When you have angles like this mountain side the light is hitting in a way that it brings out some shadows. Which then shows its contrast, curves and patterns! One of the reasons why I always use this spot {and no I don’t pay much attention to the KEEP OUT signs situated right in front of this spot} when shooting here. It’s super cool and interesting and provides variety for the client at this {believe it or not..} “beach” location.

As a professional Photographer for now over 4 years, things like texture, lighting and angles excite me…I know! I’m somewhat of a Photography nerd. But hey I’m always looking to create something eye catching for my clients. Besides….how cool does this family’s wardrobe selections pop off these texture-esque rock formations?

Next, what I loved about this family is they brought a second outfit! Only in 1 hour sessions would I recommend an outfit change. But check out their cute color scheme below. We later took their session down to the sand and got on top of one of the lifeguard stands…{again I don’t pay much attention to the KEEP OFF signs-LOL}

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